AnG Robotics

Special Applications

At AnG Robotics we help our customers raise their productivity by developing innovative concepts that help you to work efficiently. Our innovative future-oriented solutions reinforce our position as technology leaders. That is and will continue to be the demand upon ourselves. 

A Reliable Partner for customer-specific solutions in many sectors.

We pride ourselves on creating solutions that are suited to the particular needs of different industry applications. AnG Robotics uses its technical expertise to develop compounding facilities and systems while taking into account the continuously increasing safety and efficiency requirements.

  • Production monitoring system.

  •  RFID & Barcode Solutions.

  • We can supply a complete system with RF ID for various applications like Assembly Shops. Communication with RFID writing of process Data in RF ID tag like tightening torque and angle or test result parameters or Reading a RFID/BARCODE for reading the models for selection of dispensing quantity or test program selection. We can undertake complete project including engineering, programming and electrical designing.

  • We also undertake Bar code interface with PLCs and HMIs for reading the BARCODE data using it for controlling the machines and storing in HMI or SCADA are the other applications.

  • Bar Code Solutions.

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