AnG Robotics

Datalytics Industrial IoT Platform

Datalytics is a cloud-based Industrial IoT Platform from AnG
Robotics which transforms your shop floor data from insights
into actions with powerful apps that reduce machine
downtime, increase your throughput, and maximize profitability
driven by your manufacturing equipment.

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    Connect, Measure & Predict Your Future!

    Remove your barriers to digital transformation with Datalytics IIoT platform -built to address your business challenges.


    Real-time Performance

    Get real time OEE analysis including KPI’s such as availability, productivity & quality.

    Downtime Tracking

    Get downtime tracking with root cause identification, quality monitoring, shift-log notes.

    Historical Reports

    Get various kinds of historical reports through our simple & attractive web interface.

    Administration and Control

    Get the access & privileges for various employees across plants by their roles & responsibilities.

    Production Monitoring

    Get the Real time Production Monitoring by highlighting production performance issues.

    Real-Time Analytics

    Analyze your machine data in real-time as it arrives using a powerful real-time analytics engine.

    Digital Manufacturing

    Attach IoT enabled sensors to your critical shop floor machines; Monitor your equipment’s, track running time, heat, vibration and many other data to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Also predict the maintenance before it breaks. Achieve higher production efficiency with Datalytics IIoT Platform.

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    Transform insight into action.

    Take control of your data and transform your operations. Accelerate Success With Datalytics IIoT Solutions Platform. Harness the Power of your machine data so it can become your competitive advantage. Learn more about Datalytics & it’s benefits in detail through our product presentation here.

    Transform your data.
    We take every challenging requirement, break it down into meaningful pieces that help you perceive better. Apply technology solution with smart planning & execution to deliver comprehensive IoT solution to add value to your business.