AnG Robotics


Personised Cost Effective Solutions for almost all types of Industries. Solution for fully programmable X-Y table 2 axes, 3 axes with Circular, Linear Interpolation. Cost Effective PLC+Servo+HMI solutions.

System for SPM for Assembly of Automobile components, Pharmaceutical industry, Textile and other industries. Solutions are provided with PLC, HMI, Servos, Motion controllers, Inverters.

We also undertake Bar code interface with PLCs and HMIs for reading the BARCODE data using it for controlling the machines and storing in HMI or SCADA are the other applications.

In robotic dispensing machine , we have used yamaha robot, barcode that reads engine type and according type of engine robot select program and dispenses material.

In this system, bending of pipe at specified bending angles from HMI, 90 jobs recipe storing facility. Accuracy of +/- 0.5 degree achieved by using encoder.